Sherman’s March To The Sea

Sherman’s March to the Sea would continue through November and December in 1865. In an ongoing battle near Waynesboro GA the Confederacy seemed successful. It was a minor irritant for the full force of the Union Army and quickly becomes debilitating for the south. It’s hard to call it a battle. But let’s look at [...]

Leaders of the Free World

1 In the lead up to WW2, FDR made the choice to position the US as the leader of the "Free World". What does this mean? It was clear there were two paths a government could take, authoritarian or liberal democracy. This difference, authoritarianism that benefits a small number of people, or democracy that benefits [...]

Summer 2020

Rioting in San Francisco, Washington DC, Chicago, Knoxville, Charleston, and Montgomery. And this is just the list of large cities, many smaller protests and riots are happening all over the country. The reason, as usual, centers around race. This is America, so it usually is about race. Rampant unemployment. An economic slowdown. Recovering from a [...]