Was there ever a worse year than 2020?

I have read so many posts about how bad 2020 is. It’s a bad year for America, Americans, and the world. But let’s not forget there have been promising developments, too. Case in point, a working vaccine we are all hoping to get soon. Well, 2021 has potential, at least!

But let’s step back in time to another year. 1963.

Granted, some events could have happened at any time. Zipcodes were introduced. There was an explosion at a State Fair in Indiana, killing 74. A new Pope was elected. The Beatles.

Many thought the March on Washington was a high for the Civil Rights Movement and for America. James Meredith graduated from the University of Mississippi. He was the first Black to graduate, and it was the same university he integrated!

But there was a backlash. In September, the Birmingham 16th Street Church was bombed by the KKK for retribution for the March on Washington.

During the summer of 1963, the Kennedy’s, JFK and Robert, had a real change of heart about Civil Rights. A complaint from the Civil Rights leaders was JFK talked the talk but didn’t walk the walk. i.e., policy.

But Robert’s discussions with leaders started to change this. In June, JFK gave a national address, and this signaled a change in policy. And the Kennedy administration became an advocate behind the scenes, too.

JFK was assassinated on November 23, 1963.

The fight for Civil Rights, however, did not take a step back, as some had feared. Unexpectedly, the Southern LBJ picked up where JFK left off. And Robert continued his involvement, too.

When 1963 ended, Americans were unsure of what was ahead. This year will end, and I am hopeful for 2021.

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